The pineal gland and the hypothalamus are directly related by the thalamus. The pineal gland is the body's antenna, in contact with the energy vibrations of the universe but in order to regulate the power of these cosmic energy vibrations, the thalamus protects the body from damage by acting as a go-between for delivery of energy between the pineal gland which collects cosmic energy and the hypothalamus that transforms the cosmic energy by lowering the power for the human body. The hypothalamus controls the flow of energy to every part of the human anatomy.

Your Hypothalamus Remains Ever Vigilant

The hypothalamus is aware of the condition of every part of the anatomy, when fermentation and putrefaction starts in any part of the body, the hypothalamus alerts the corresponding system and instructs the lymphatic system to take action.


The center of the colon is associated with the hypothalamus. This is where the absorption of liquid and nutritious elements stops and the expulsion of waste matter and feces continues into the rectum. It will be a long time before science is able to decifer the mystery and ramifications of the administrative functions of the hypothalamus, even our thoughts are subject to the functions of the hypothalamus.

Since the cleaner the body is, the higher the cosmic energy vibrations available to the brain, it is highly recommended to keep your colon in a constantly clean and healthy condition.

In conclusion, the colon does not become afflicted overnight. Every time waste matter accumulates in the colon that results in fermentation and putrefaction, a disturbance takes place both in the afflicted area of the colon and in its corresponding part of the anatomy.