Your body is the house where you live, just like your home needs service, the roof may leak, the plumbing may clog up; such is the case with your body, every function and activity of your system, day and night, physical, mental and spiritual is dependent on the service you give to it.

The quality of food you put into your body is of vital importance. Good nutrition regenerates and rebuilds the cells and tissues which constitute your physical bod; and helps the processes eliminating waste from the body, without fermentation and putrefaction. The possibility of attaining any degree of vibrant health is prevented if such fermentation occurs, accumulates, and is retained by the body.

The elimination of undigested food and other waste products is equally as important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food. Nothing could be more vital than preventing the danger of toxemia and toxic poisons resulting from the neglect and failure to expel feces, debris, and waste matter from the body.

Few of us realize that failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrefaction in the large intestine or colon, nor that the accumulation of such waste can result in a lingering demise.