Intravenous (IV) therapy benefits treatment by enabling water, medication, blood, or nutrients to access the body faster through the circulatory system.

Healthcare professionals can use an IV to deliver medication, vitamins, blood, or other fluids to those who need them.

Doctors can provide IV therapy through an IV line directly into a vein. This bypasses the gastric system so the body can take on more fluids quickly.

The fluids or nutrition in IV therapies are specific to each person requiring the treatment.

IV therapy can treat:

severe dehydration by administering fluids
health conditions by administering medication
pain by administering pain relief
blood loss by blood transfusion
malnutrition or inability to take food by administering nutrients

Doctors use the technique as a fast-acting way to feed essential fluids into the body’s system.

IV vitamin therapy

IV vitamin therapy can administer a high concentration of minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream rather than through the stomach.

 A mix known as the Myers’ cocktail includes high doses of vitamins B and C, calcium, and magnesium. A medical professional dilutes the vitamins with sterile water.