The universe is composed of an infinite number of vibrations which form matter, substance or other, intangible things. Cosmic energy vibrations in the universe are wave lengths of astronomical numbers existing per millimeter or per second in time.

Vibrations form energy and energy is the product of vibrations.

A healthy male human body is composed of 49,390,000,000 vibrations per minute while the healthy human female body consists of 49,370,000,000 vibrations per minute. 

During the 19th Century, a unit of 10 million vibrations per millimeter was established as the Angstrom Unit by Anders Jonas Angstrom, a Swedish physicist. This unit has simplified the calculations of cosmic energy vibrations.

For example, colors are vibrations of an infinite number of varieties for each color, depending upon the number of vibrations above or below the number of vibrations present in the pure color.

On the basis of the Angstrom Unit, the vibrations of the pure colors are:

Violet 4,500 A.U.

Blue 4,750 A.U.

Orange 6,500 A.U.

Green 5,000 A.U.

Yellow 6,000 A.U.

Red 8,000 A.U.

Each part of your body has its own rate of cosmic energy vibrations. For example, healthy hemoglobin is composed of approximately 82.5 billion vibrations per second, the lung's vibrations are around 67.25 billion per second; a normal human pituitary gland should vibrate at a rate near 58 billion per second and our ears vibrate at or very near 47.75 billion per second.

When a human body is sick, its rate of vibration decreases but once the body heals its rate of vibration returns to normal - and the person feels better.

The above-referenced examples of cosmic energy vibrations illustrate how an effective diagnostic system should be cognizant of the same. In fact, when the body is sick, it is often possible to correctly determine and take corrective action at the root source of ilness through examination of the rate of vibration for each part of the body.