Very few people realize how directly the condition of the colon is related to weariness and particularly to stress and nervousness.

Before the danger point is reached in these insidious disturbances, the colon frequently tries to give warning signals, sometimes in the form of cramps, but usually in the form of more or less severe constipation discomforts.

They never attack humans "out of the blue." When the limit of tolerance is just about reached, the trouble is triggered by events such as the death of a loved one, family disruption, divorce, or separation. Personal injury, loss of work, or financial troubles may be contributing factors, or perhaps any of three or four dozen other personal calamities.

It is almost impossible to maintain a clear mind and proper mental and spiritual equilibrium when we allow the colon to go unattended for too long a time. The relationship of the pituitary gland to the cecum, as well as to the functions of the body as a whole, is too intimately involved to be overlooked.

Colon irrigations prevent far more distress than people realize. However, it is not enough to take just one or two colonics and stop. One should take as many as necessary to leave the colon perfectly clean.

Once the colon has been thoroughly washed, at least six irrigations should be taken each year, throughout life as long as we live.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure, particularly to avoid premature senility.