The optic system is a true miracle.

Our optic system is very complex, the eyes are just contributing factors in our visual perception of what we see. Like our ears, cosmic energy vibrations are the means by which forms and color are transmitted to the brain. The first step in our vision involves the retina which is the delicate membrane of the eye representing the end of the optic nerve. The retina is composed of several layers, among which are the pigment layers that first register color, then the nerve layer, followed by about seven other layers. The state and condition of each one of these layers reflects on the kind, quality and degree of vision.

In the first layer of the retina there are rods and cones which transmit the vibrations of the object in the form of messages to the nerve cells, to the chiasm or x-crossing, and then end at the thalamus and the third ventricle. The third ventricle is a very important open space inside the temple, extending between the optic thalamus and the brain. In other words, the shapes, forms, colors and perspective quality of objects within our range of vision are carried by vibrations through the respective nerves which correspond to each item, all of these vibrations coordinate in the brain so that the brain will show you in detail the object you are seeing.

The part of the colon that relates to our eyes is located between the ileo-cecal valve and the juncture of the next sacculation just above it.

With the onset of aging, it is natural that human vision tends to deteriorate at a steady pace. However, we can slow down the rate at which our sight degrades through Colon Hydrotherapy which can remove the build-up of waste from the affected area, thus helping to keep our sight clear and improving our quality of life in terms of longevity.