How do I know if I have normal bowel movements?

“Normal” is whatever is normal for you. Studies show bowel movements happen differently for everyone. Whether you normally have a bowel movement every day, or some people may have a bowel movement two or three times a week, while others just once per week, you should pretty much know what is normal for you.

Healthy bowel movements let you empty your colon frequently enough that you don’t feel bloated and you don’t have to strain hard to finish the job. What you want is soft stool, if it looks like pebbles you are constipated and if it comes out as a liquid, you have diarrhea.

On the other hand, if you have abdominal pain, bloating or constipation and this is how it’s been for years. You should consult a doctor, as you may benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy to help you reach a more comfortable, new “normal.”

Your doctor might recommend some healthy lifestyle adjustments and advise you about available medical screening options to rule out diseases affecting bowel movements; some of which are just inconvenient but others that could be life-threatening.