After many years, feces forms a plaster-like coating on the walls of the colon, not any number of enemas will efficiently dissolve it; and removing it too quickly would cause the inner lining of the colon to become "raw" and painful. The fecal coating in the colon must be thoroughly soaked and saturated with just plain water in order that its removal may take place gradually, comfortably and effectively. This can be accomplished by a series of Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy is administered by an operator trained and accustomed to this work. Colonics are in effect, glorified enemas using many gallons of water - several ounces at a time administered by a Certified Colon Therapist, with the water flow and expulsion under the control of the operator, while the patient lies relaxed on an appropriate table which is connected with the colonic equipment. To be efficient, a colon irrigation requires a period of half an hour to one hour; during that period, 20 or 30 gallons of water may have been inserted into the colon through the rectum, at the rate of several ounces at a time, then expelled each time. The first two or three irrigations can prove how sensible and comfortable the procedure actually is.

However, the best colonic equipment available can yield very poor and unsatisfactory results if the operator is not sufficiently knowledgeable in human anatomy. It is not enough to know all about colons and the principles of irrigation. The operator should also be familiar with the art of foot relaxation. As every part of the anatomy has nerve endings which are directly or indirectly associated with the colon, the feet are related to every part of the anatomy.

Moreover, do not expect one or two colon irrigations to revitalize your system if you have neglected to take care of its excreta for 20, 30 or even more years. Based on several years of experience, research and observation, if you have the desire to live a long and healthy life — and to prevent decadence and degeneration of senility; you should seriously consider taking a series of colon irrigations and get started on this cleansing program as soon as possible.

It took many years to accumulate whatever corruption has adhered to the inside walls of your colon; therefore, give the irrigations the chance to cleanse you thoroughly.

Thereafter, I am convinced that throughout life, regular colon irrigations should help nature keep your body healthy.

Keep in mind that colonics are less expensive than hospitalization and surgeon's fees, and more certain to produce beneficial results.