It should be understood that the relationship between the sacculations of the colon and the various organs and glands (or parts of the body remotely located from the colon) does not necessarily involve a drastic affliction, although such a situation does occur occasionally. Such a relationship, which may manifest itself at the time of maximum fermentation or putrefaction in the colon, may simply develop into a warning signal.

For example, an ulcer may develop in this particular sacculation of the colon, and this irritation may disturb the sensitive auditory system. The common practice, when the irritation is sufficiently annoying, is to consult an "ear specialist." If he does not correct the trouble, it worsens.

On the other hand, being familiar with colon therapy, we would first take a series of colon irrigations. The outcome of this method is often a complete disappearance of the ear trouble, sometimes within a matter of hours. Proving that the ear irritation was a signal to clean the Colon. It has been these cumulative and satisfactory results that continue to urge us on to further research.

We must always be conscious of the relationships existing between the scattered glands in our system. The function of the auditory system is under the administration of the hypothalamus in the mid-brain which, in turn, functions through the pituitary gland. It requires a vast knowledge of the entire human anatomy and the entire system of related and interrelated functions and activities of the many parts of the body to make a satisfactory diagnosis.

However, we can be sure to never go wrong when we start from the very beginning with colon irrigation.