1. Eat plenty of garlic, beans, tofu, cayenne pepper, ginger root, leafy greens and broccoli for beneficial effects upon the blood system.

2. Beef, fish, carrots, asparagus, leafy greens, tomatoes and strawberries will be beneficial to the lymph system.

3. Your liver will thank you for eating lots of artichokes, avocados, brussles sprouts, cabbage, citrus fruits, green tea, broccoli, flax seed oil and leafy greens.

4. Apples, beets, cucumbers, lemon and sweet potato; as well as, flax seed oil and leafy greens will provide beneficial effects on the gallbladder.

5. Broccoli, garlic, sweet potato, tofu, tomatoes; and, blueberries, cherries, grapes and leafy greens will be beneficial for the pancreas.

6. Cranberries of course, but did you know, bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, fish, olive oil and onions; as well as, blueberries, cherries, grapes and leafy greens, can benefit your kidneys.

7. Lastly, for beneficial effects on your intestines, be sure to include plenty of beans, flax seed, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, oats, probiotics and yogurt in your diet.