Sadly, the modern American diet is comprised of the worst possible combination of foods to mix together at a single meal; meat and potatoes, hamburgers and fries, eggs and toast.

When one consumes protein and starch together, the alkaline enzyme ptyalin pours into the food (in our mouth as we chew). As the masticated food reaches the stomach, digestion of starch by alkaline enzymes continues, thereby preventing the digestion of protein by pepsin and other acid secretions.

As a result, the bacteria in the stomach are able to attach to the protein and putrefaction begins, rendering any nutrients in the protein food useless to you; and, producing toxic waste, foul gas, and poisons such as hydrogen sulphide, phenylpropionic acid and others.

In conclusion, it is essential to learn to combine food correctly, in order to maintain a healthy disgestive system and efficient metabolism.


FAT: Eat with protein, starch or vegetables (FAT = NO FRUIT).
PROTEIN: Eat without starch and fruit (PROTEIN = NO STARCH, NO FRUIT).
STARCH: Eat without protein or fruit (STARCH = NO PROTEIN, NO FRUIT).
VEGETABLES: Eat with protein, starch or fat (VEGETABLES = NO FRUIT).
FRUIT: Best eaten alone, even better on an empty stomach.